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Here one can find published journal articles relating to the African climate.

Highly recommend reading this article. This poses the major issues with the climate data in Africa, and describes the importance of having such data.

This paper makes a contribution to climate assessments by providing an overview of future climate change in Africa, particularly with regard to simulations of greenhouse gas.

This article describes important wind related African issues. This is a good reference for any information regarding wind data. If the article does not give enough detailed information that the reader is searching for, then it gives links or describes other references for which one can find other wind data.

In 1998, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) developed the rainfall estimator, (RFE). This estimator blends rain gauge and satellite rainfall data to create a 0.1 degree gridded spatial resolution for near real time data for the entire African continent. Recently a new algorithm has been developed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the data, ARC2. The purpose of this paper was to describe a new, operational rainfall climatology from 1983-present. Historical gauge and IR data was collected and placed into the algorithm. The old algorithm, ARC1, only used data from 1995, so the development of the new algorithm tried to eliminate bias, and create more accurate data.

Describes the accuracy associated with the use of satellites for precipitation data.

How well does the TRMM system work for the African climate?

The objective of this article is to build an accurate database for African climate, with a 4 km spatial resolution and a three hour time resolution

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