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TAHMO Sensor competition

View the selected entries of Round I of the TAHMO Sensor Design Competition!

Round II is now in full swing. Find out more about Round II and the competition in general.


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Nick van de Giesen interviewed on TAHMO and the competition by Spectrum, the (English spoken) science radio show from... Read More

BBC World Service Radio - Dec 4th, 2012

Interview with Nick van de Giesen about the TAHMO project on BBC’s Newsday on the 23rd of November 2012. 

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Public radio - Jul 24th, 2012
DRI Environment - Jul 24th, 2012

Link to site of Delft Research Initiative Environment with African... Read More

Delta II - Jul 24th, 2012

TU Delft researchers are using gift cards to measure rainfall. Their odd sensors must eventually provide insights into hydrology in Africa and on... Read More

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Delta I - Jul 24th, 2012

Researchers at the department of water management (faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences) want to cover Africa with inexpensive weather... Read More

TEDx Delft - Jul 24th, 2012

Rolf Hut is a tinkerer. His main interest and source of a fun is using existing technology in a new and innovative way to measure the earth's... Read More

TEDx OSU - Jul 24th, 2012

Talk by John Selker on vision, moving forward, Africa and TAHMO.

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